City Morgue Vlone

Do you want to upgrade yourself by adding something worthy and gorgeous in your wardrobe? And you have the urge to add something extremely unique and stylish in your hoodie collection. If your response is yes then City Morgue Vlone by Vlone stock can play an important role in fulfilling your wish. In this category City Morgue Vlone there are some top-notch hoodies having remarkable and fine quality. The designs of these hoodies are also quite eye-captivating and they can contribute greatly in enhancing the attractiveness and style game.

What is a City Morgue?

There must be a question popping up in your mind and you surely want to get satisfactory answers of this question. So, we think it is quite imperative to share the basic details of the city morgue. It is a hip-hop band based in New York, America. The fans of this brand always want to get a Vlone shirt or hoodie with the name of the brand inscribed on it. Therefore, the collaboration of Vlone Stock with this hip-hop music band is for the crazy fans of the band.

Hoodies Available in this Category

In this section, we are going to shed some light on the trendy and chic hoodies that you can get from City Morgue Vlone Stock. Hence without wasting any time let’s delve into it.

VLONE X City Morgue Dogs White Hoodies

The price of this white hoodie is $130 and it is designed for casual wear. Additionally, the style of the sleeves is regular.

Vlone X City Morgue Dogs Black Hoodies

This Vlone hoodie is available for $90. The amazing thing about this hoodie is that you can wear it in all four seasons. Additionally, cotton and viscose materials are used in the making of this hoodie.

VLONE X City Morgue Dogs White Hoodies

The pattern and style of this white hoodie is the same as black. But its price is $146.98.