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Vlone Friends is another category sorted at Vlone stock and it has quite a thoughtful background. Vlone brand as we all know is based on a motto which is “live alone, die alone”. This is the popular style tagline of the Vlone brand and the term Vlone is derived from it. The basic slogan behind naming this brand Vlone is that its owners believe in the universal fact of we live alone and die alone. Though we have got friends and family they are just there to vanish the fact that we are alone. Vlone lovers truly embrace this fact of living alone and dying alone. And when the basic slogan is this, then what does it mean by Vlone friends?  The thought is the same here but a little creativity is used in this pattern. Vlone Friends merch items come with a minus sign along with the friend’s logo which means no friends and indirectly alone.

Vlone Friends Hoodies

Vlone Friends Hoodies offered in the Vlone Friends category are the best stylish hoodies you can have. These hoodies are variously designed by printing friends’ logos with minus signs. Vlone Friends Hoodie is the best-selling hoodie that comes with friends minus the logo on the front and a big V logo on the back. Another best Vlone Friends hoodie is the one that has a baby angel inscribed within the V logo. Vlone Friends’ winged demon grim hoodie comes with eye-catching graphic artwork on the front along with the Vlone logo. Shop any of your favorite Vlone Hoodie in any color of your choice from Vlone stock.

Vlone Friends Merch items

Vlone Friends merch items are the best products offered at Vlone stock and they are designed in a way to represent the idea of zero friends. These products are creative representations of Vlone slogan live alone and die alone. The basic motto is never forgotten when designing a new Vlone collection and it is obvious from this Vlone friends collection. The minus sign printed after the friends’ logo shows the absence and no value of the logo before it. It shows that no friends which is indirectly the essence of the Vlone brand. The vibe alone in these Vlone friends apparel and don’t let the world bring you down.

Vlone Friends Shirt

Vlone Friends Shirt collection is also huge and has so many shirts of different styles and patterns. Mostly these shirts are designed by printing the friend’s logo on the front of the Vlone Shirt and a big V logo on the back. Little changes are made in the patterns of these logos by using different artwork. Vlone Friends’ unisex t-shirt comes with a creatively designed big V logo on the back and is suitable for both genders. Vlone Friends smiley tees are another best items that come with unique artistic patterns. Vlone stock also has Vlone stay away from your friends compromise tees in its collection.

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